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Blocked Countries / Fraud

Blocked Countries / Fraud

All Tuscaloosa Credit Union VISA debit and credit card transactions have been blocked in the following countries: Russia, Romania, Mexico, Denmark, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa.

This has been done because of increaing fraud in many foreign countires. Tuscaloosa Credit Union is committed to protecting our cardholders from fraud and place a high priority on member card security. The block place on these countries is preventative only and is intended to be proactive instead of reactive to the increasing amount of fraud originated from outside the USA. Please be aware your card will not be accepted should you travel or deal with any of the listed countries.

What can you do to help? First, keep your card secure at all times. Second, use Tuscaloosa Credit Unions Website to regularly review your checking account and credit card history. The sooner the credit union becomes aware of fraud, the sooner we can respond.